Mafia, Spy, Adulterer, Thief…

by Jan 7, 2017

The original intent in withholding information concerning my dad’s crime was not to create a guessing game. However, the questions and ideas that have been circulating have definitely been entertaining.

The most popular guess has been: “was he part of the Miami Mafia?” While I’m not personally familiar with the Miami Mafia, I have watched The Sopranos and certainly would not want to ruffle any of those guys’ feathers.

I must admit the idea of my dad as a spy does sound glamorous. Or even the suggestion he might have been a thief has a bit of pizzaz to it, especially if we’re talking expensive jewels or art.

I have also been asked if he had had an affair. Or, if I had found out he was not my biological father. That one actually seemed the most far-fetched as I’m a perfect blend of both of my parents. But these questions were asked before I had revealed he had been in jail and are most likely not crimes that would have put him there.

One friend asked if my dad had been a pyromaniac. Actually, I would be the one in our family careless with fire, but that’s a whole other story. I guess I should be grateful that no one asked if he committed murder. Or at least if it had crossed anyone’s mind, they were kind enough not to voice it to me.

Originally my intent in withholding the details of the crime was to simply keep it from becoming a quick soundbite. There is so much more to the story. I have wanted to wait until the book was released thereby making the entire story available. That would give everyone the option of having all of the facts before passing any kind of judgement.

I would venture to say we all have something in our past, even if it’s not a serious crime, that we hope never to be revealed. It could be just something we find embarrassing, and yet, we would prefer it not seeing the light of day. Although you may disagree, I feel one moment or action does not have to define a life.

Please be patient with me for another couple of weeks. Remember, these are the last few private moments for my family before the book’s release. And although the answer might have already been revealed, I encourage you to keep guessing.

J. Ronald M. York, author of Kept in the Dark, is also an accomplished musician and founder of York & Friends Fine Art Gallery.

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