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Detours are a part of life’s journey

Detours are a part of life’s journey

“Detours are a part of life’s journey. Learn to love and embrace them.” Summer before last, I began composing and recording instrumental melodies for what would become my fourth album, Journey. I was more than halfway done when my life took a detour. I had begun...

So, I decided to write a book

So, I decided to write a book

So, I decided to write a book but didn’t have a clue of how to get started. First of all, I knew the 100 letters exchanged between my parents over eight-weeks needed to be included. There were another 100 letters that followed that period written by my dad to my mom...

How should I structure the story?

How should I structure the story?

I now had the letters ready and decided they should be the middle of the book. They described an event that happened when I was two turning three. It was not anything I remembered or anything that was ever discussed in our home. It was not part of my life until now....

Ron York is one of those rare authors who not only share with you a story, but invite you along for the journey. Reading Kept in the Dark was an experience I found as intriguing as it was suspenseful, exciting as it was contemplative and through it all the only thing I was longing for, was more.

–Jeremy Rochford, Tedx Speaker and author of The Gospel According to Chubby

York's engaging narrative neither glosses over his father's unspeakable crime, nor condemns him for it. Rather, he attempts to piece together his father's character along with the journey that his mother was forced to take in order to protect him and to keep their family intact. As the reader, you will be drawn to her tenacity, strength and unconditional love.

–Carol Rhodes Poston, Adjunct Professor of Music, Belmont University

After Bob and Joyce York’s intriguing journey, their son Ron’s courage to share his own will empower others to face theirs. This is a story of finding hope and freedom from the secrets, silence, and shame of the past.

–Rodger Dinwiddie, CEO STARS Nashville



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