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Nathaniel & the Midnight Movers
“If those sofa cushions could talk, it would be X-rated. Nathaniel & the Midnight Movers is a madcap comedy about a gay man coming of age in the 1970s. He has an eye for interior design and the sticky fingers to go with it.”

—Claire Foster, FOREWORD Reviews
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Nathaniel & the Midnight Movers
“If you’re into interior decoration and a bit on the camp side, you’re going to love this book.”

-Lois C. Henderson, Book Pleasures Review
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“a raw and completely honest examination of trauma and its lingering
effects on the heart and mind.”

-Craig Manning, Independent Publisher Review
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“…the tone of the work is surprisingly upbeat and non-self-deprecatory.”

-Lois C. Henderson
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“The tremendously gifted writer recently debuted a follow-up to his debut memoir, Kept in the Dark, in which he delves into one of his family’s darkest secret.”

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“Through both its lyrics and prose, Songs from an Imperfect Life is a memoir that mixes tragedy with happy memories to achieve a sense of thoughtful reflection.”

-Foreword Reviews
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“This well-crafted memoir about a son’s troubling discovery contains the continual suspense that might be expected of a detective novel.”

-Foreword Reviews
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“The saddest thing that can happen to a person is to find out their memories are lies. As a law enforcement investigator for 30 years, I know that secrets are the currency of crime and destroyers of trust and personal bonds. Ron York’s memoir, Kept In The Dark, is one of the best literary examples detailing what frequently happens to survivors when a long-hidden family secret comes to light. The memoir clearly details his progression of discoveries and the concurrent roller coaster of emotions York experiences.  The lingering questions and mysteries make me want to jump in and work to provide additional information. Riveting revelations and the nature of the relationship between Ron York’s parents kept me fascinated and wanting to know more.”

-Special Agent Donna M. Pence, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, retired


“A largely epistolary debut memoir about a shocking family secret.”

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“Author reveals family secret kept from him for decades.”

-The Tennessean
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“Offers hope for those who are battling the storms of life, and who might be finding it difficult to see any horizon of redemption and joy.”

-Lois C. Henderson of Bookpleasures.com
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“A story of love, redemption, healing and forgiveness.”

-Nashville Book Worm
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“I have to commend him for the courage to tell his story…”

-BookSpin Review
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“J. Ronald M. York details a concealed and mysterious family secret he unearthed from a box of letters exchanged between his parents over 60 years ago…”

-University Echo Review
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“The book follows York’s uncovering of the crime through a series of letters written by his mother, Joyce, and his father during the time of his incarceration.”

-Nooga.com Review
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Ron York is one of those rare authors who not only share with you a story, but invite you along for the journey. Reading Kept in the Dark was an experience I found as intriguing as it was suspenseful, exciting as it was contemplative and through it all the only thing I was longing for, was more.

–Jeremy Rochford, Tedx Speaker and author of The Gospel According to Chubby

York's engaging narrative neither glosses over his father's unspeakable crime, nor condemns him for it. Rather, he attempts to piece together his father's character along with the journey that his mother was forced to take in order to protect him and to keep their family intact. As the reader, you will be drawn to her tenacity, strength and unconditional love.

–Carol Rhodes Poston, Adjunct Professor of Music, Belmont University

After Bob and Joyce York’s intriguing journey, their son Ron’s courage to share his own will empower others to face theirs. This is a story of finding hope and freedom from the secrets, silence, and shame of the past.

–Rodger Dinwiddie, CEO STARS Nashville



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