Healing Through Revealing

by Feb 10, 2018

I was in the recording studio last Monday checking my email during a break. Finally, I saw a message from my PR team with possible book signing dates offered by Parnassus Books. My first book release party was on a Tuesday evening and I had wanted to repeat the magic and had hoped to again secure a Tuesday evening date this March. Without a calendar in hand, I looked at the options presented and with my weak math skills, began to count forward in my head as I tried to figure out which days were being offered. Once I felt I had a weekday evening, I replied and said: “March 18th, please confirm.”

It only took a few moments for the reply to come through saying that Sunday, March 18th at 2:00 p.m. was confirmed. “What?” “No!”  I wanted an after work week night! How did this happen? The incredible Ron “Snake” Reynolds was busy mixing the sounds on my latest recording efforts when I screamed: “Stop. Find a calendar and tell me that I didn’t just do this.” Patient, as always, “Snake” pulled up a calendar on his phone and told me that the dates they had offered were either a Friday night (which I did not want) or a Saturday or Sunday. I then proceeded to do a mini-meltdown because for the past few months, I had a certain day and time in my mind and Sunday, March 18th at 2:00 p.m. was not part of the equation.

I then took a deep breath and realized, that once again, the universe was looking out for me. Sunday was the perfect day. My book, Songs from an Imperfect Life, tells my story that begins within my church. And many of the events that have occurred in my life are connected to the church and my Southern Baptist roots – so why not launch my memoir on a Sunday? All of a sudden, it seemed so fitting. I had made a decision based on a misunderstanding when in fact, it turned out to be the most appropriate choice for me.

Now that a full-on meltdown had been averted, we continued the recording session. As many of you know, I have composed and recorded numerous CDs of instrumental music. However, as far back as junior high school, I wrote songs with lyrics that have now proven to have been my way of journalling through the good and bad in my life. Most of the songs are connected to a person, relationship or a time where I needed an outlet to express what I felt was happening to me. Many of these song lyrics are now intertwined in the stories that I share in my upcoming book as well as, the reason for the book’s title, Songs from an Imperfect Life.

I have gone back into the studio and recorded eight of these songs. My plan is to include a CD of these recordings with each book sale at Parnassus. I hope that the songs will be more meaningful to those once they have read my book as the reader will learn the impetus that caused each song to be written.

Please mark your calendar and plan to join me for my author talk and book signing.
Sunday, March 18, at 2:00
Parnassus Books
Hillsboro Plaza Shopping Center
3900 Hillsboro Road #14
Nashville, TN  37215

J. Ronald M. York, author of Kept in the Dark, is also an accomplished musician and founder of York & Friends Fine Art Gallery.

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